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Nga Nam floating market, Soc Trang

If prompted to civilized countries in the western river,  Can’t not mention the floating market. This is a characteristic of the Mekong river gardens. Tourists had known some famous floating market thus Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho, Cai Be floating market in Tien Giang, Nga Bay floating market in Hau Giang … the other a floating market longstanding but little is known. That’s Nga Nam floating market.

Nga Nam floating market is located in the center of Nga Nam – Soc Trang. Market include five tributaries together, two wholly-Phung Hiep canal management, 1 branch connected to Thanh Tri district – Soc Trang, 1 branch connected to Long My district – Hau Giang, 1 linking with Hong Dan district – Bac Lieu . Along ago, Nga Nam floating market picture became associated with daily life of local people and the neighboring provinces. This is the region’s main markets up around 2 am, hundreds of large and small boats were busy busy.

What is the laughing voices of the buyers, sellers, interspersed with engine sound. Martial interest and other types of boats fitted with outboard engines are primarily transportation here. People buy these kinds of cotton, fruits of all kinds. When dawn is the end market. The small boat washed into the waterways around to retail to farmers.

If one is floating on Nga Nam floating market you will feel much unexpected. In addition to watching the scene firsthand trade on the river, the river falls mix together in crowded boats in comfort, you also observe the daily activities of the inhabitants in the river water river Mekong region. Trade lake life always arouses the curiosity of those who once came to the West River. At Nga Nam floating market you will comfortably explore exciting things there by rowing boat or ferry travelers. The people here are enthusiastic and sincere as their lives.

Discover Nga Nam floating market once. Make sure the troubles and worries of daily life would vanish under the exciting trip you.

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