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Cai Be floating market

Location: Cai Be floating market in the town of Cai Be Cai Be district, Tien Giang province, in Mekong river Delta, located in Tien Giang river section between adjacent won three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre.

Features: Cai Be floating market is the largest wholesale market in the Southwest region, Mekong river. Market takes place on the river, day and night meeting on a large scale. Goods are varied and plentiful.

Cai Be district has the largest orchards of Tien Giang province with the famous fruits like oranges tasty, orange honey, mango, guava, tangerine road …

Tourists come to Cai Be more and more crowded by the town streets located along the waterfront, at the time hidden under coconut water and the thought that you that look far as a picture wearing. Cai Be bring a pure beauty countryside, gardens and soaking. Here, garden garden serial, serial river rivers, canals interwoven. Transport in Cai Be completely by water.

Cai Be floating market takes place on the river, boats travel as infected cui. Market day and night meeting on a large scale, with all the boats from distant gardens of this sale and purchase. Therefore, the goods in the market is very rich and varied, from fabrics, furniture for the poultry products, seafood … until all the food and drinks were not lacking. Fruit trade area located in floating market, along the island of Tan Long, to the kilometer long. Boats on Mekong river from Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, An Giang, Can Tho, Ca Mau to to purchase. Sampan boats loaded with fruits: red rambutan, mango yellow blush, durian tangy, fresh watermelon … from early morning was taken to. As dawn was just up at the floating market was bustling like a floating city. The skiff hawkers as rice, noodles, noodles, groceries run alongside wriggled under the boat, broadside to sales. Sitting on a boat, visitors can enjoy hot noodle bowl right, or fragrant cup of coffee in the morning…

Zone was Cai Be floating market fruit Hubs and some products go all regions (to the Chinese). Prices are surprisingly cheap at Mekong Delta.

Area sold the tubers, fruit fork extends from Nha Tho to door Vam Long Hai. This area usually has kind of big boats with a tonnage of 5-10 tons of cargo from other provinces specialties from his province to sell and then buying it here carrying on his province.

Zone sells rice, bran is located separately in a river. The unique features of boats floating market is selling something, that thing hanging on the tip pole to the buyer said, not offering to.

As the sun set behind the distant trees, it’s time “floating city” lights up. Night floating market looks bright lights like stars sa. There are boat lanterns hanging in front of a small boat looked very lively.

Coming to Cai Be floating market, guests will feel a lot of fun and discover new things of the Mekong river Delta.


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